Our Story

Clean Screens know the difficulties all too well when restoring glass professionally. With 10 years of experience trialling an array of products for this process, we became determined to find a better way. Providing commercial grade products for the domestic user was our goal.

Unsatisfied with the current glass cleaning products available, a solution was devised. With more than two years of testing and trials we created a one-stop-shop for restoring and protecting glass that is poised to dominate a new age of glass cleaning technology.

Until now, other cleaning products have relied only on chemical action of their products to remove heavy calcium build up. Often these chemicals will not alone take off the calcium deposits properly.

Clean Screens restoration sponge has been specially designed to have a combination of environmentally friendly chemistry and gentle abrasion to best prepare glass for nano-coating.

The result is an eco-friendly, easy to use, long lasting, cost-effective solution and products that save you time and money.